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Aroma Therapy

Is a fascinating alternative medicine that involves the use of plant materials, also known as essential oils. Along the many benefits improves mood, reduce anxiety, ease depression, boost energy levels, eliminates headaches and induce sleep. Choose from lavender, jasmine, muscle/joint, stress management, and spiritual healing $8

Salt and Oil Foot Scrub

Enriched with Dead Sea minerals - gently exfoliates dry skin stimulating cell renewal. A refreshing blend of natural oils moisturize for softer healthier looking feet $10

Deep Tissue Therapy

Using hot towels and Prossage heat, a natural, therapeutic, warming oil, penetrating heat to the skin using deep tissue work and friction. Followed by biofreeze, a penetrating long lasting pain reliever. This treatment is applied on a specific problem area. $12

Vitamin C infusion treatment

Powerful antioxidant that evens tone, brightens and protects against skin-aging free radicals $12

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